Session - United Airlines Journey to SharePoint 2016 from SharePoint 2010

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
Join me as I discuss the challenges of upgrading one of the largest airlines in the world to SharePoint 2016/SharePoint Online from SharePoint 2010. I will discuss the planning involved as well as the methods for which my team has been able to execute our delivery. I will provide specific examples of the roadblocks we faced and how we overcome them. I will also demonstrate how United is using SharePoint 2010 today and also talk about the opportunities that SharePoint 2016 brings to the airline industry.

I will outline some of our challenges as well as our long term strategies, including how Office 365 fits into the mix. Lastly, we will provide insight into how United plans to leverage the new functionality of SharePoint 2016 to better serve our front-line customers (and internal business customers).


Rick Garcia
Project Manager

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