Saturday, October 12, 2019

Scarlet Oaks Career Campus, 300 Scarlet Oaks Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

We are thrille​d to announce our keynote speaker for this year: 

Jon Levesque, Creator of Community. Engineer of Engagement. Keynote Speaker. Motivator. Problem Solver.  Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Flow product team​​.

Featuring: ​The Tools Don't Matter

In this session we discuss the idea that you can present the easiest to use, cheapest tools in the world to a user, but if they are not in a place of open-ness to change, it wont matter! 
We will cover the common roadblocks you will face when it comes to user adoption, and 6 tactics to help you smash down those walls and build a growing, glowing community of early adopters!​​​


SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies will meet for the 7th​ SPS Cincinnati event on October 12, 2019 at Scarlet Oaks Career Campus located at 300 Scarlet Oaks Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.


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Scarlet Oaks Career Campus
300 Scarlet Oaks Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
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