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Jussi is a product evangelist at Cloudriven and Principal Consultant at Experts Inside in Switzerland. One of Jussi's main topics is User Adoption. He believes that only with a meaningful human-centric approach the potential of any software can be truly unlocked. One of Jussi's missions is to change the attitude towards User Adoption with Customers and Partners, to raise the success rates of SharePoint and Office 365 projects.

Samuel is highly skilled in SharePoint with an Experience of over 10 years, knows the heart of Office 365 including topics like Azure AD and ADFS. Additionally he founded the Swiss SharePoint Community and speaks about SharePoint IT-Pro topics in a variety of events all over the world. While he is fully technical minded, he loves to deal with information architecture, social strategies and can also talk to a CEO. In his job he is involved in many projects from concept to the rollout. Since 2011 he is a member of the world wide MVP family with direct contacts to the product team in Redmond. He just recently joined the Microsoft Teams Elite Groupe, an exclusive MVP Group focused on Microsoft Teams. 

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I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and I'm passionate about frontend technologies and everything related to the cloud, especially Microsoft Azure.
I currently live in Zurich and actively participate in local and international community activities and events.
I share my love for technology through my blog in Italian https://www.emanuelebartolesi.com and the one in English https://dev.to/kasuken.
I also became Twitch Affiliate as a live coder and you can follow me at https://twitch.tv/kasuken to write some code together.
Since 2014 I'm Microsoft MVP in the Developer Technologies category.



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