Session - Evolution of SharePoint - Past, Present and Future

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
Let's have a look at the history to understand where we are heading in both technical and functional perspective. We'll have a look on the journey of the SharePoint from a small on-premises product to the most popular service in Office 365. We'll approach this journey from both functional and technical perspective with a concentration on the future of SharePoint in both on-premises and online perspective. Vesa worked as a SharePoint consultant for 8 years with some of the largest SharePoint deployments in the world from both business and technical perspective. A few years back he moved to SharePoint engineering (Redmond) and is now one of the program managers responsible of the upcoming SharePoint capabilities for both on-premises and online with great insights on the reasoning and the future direction of this awesome product.


Vesa Juvonen
Senior Program Manager

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