Session - Microsoft Teams Deep Dive

Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
According to Microsoft, Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective. Well, I agree, but it takes more of the advanced capabilities of Teams to really achieve that effectiveness. In this session we will take a deep dive into these capabilities and into the management and governance aspects of Teams.

First up is meeting through Teams. The meeting and video conferencing capabilities are quite powerful. I’ll show you how to leverage these capabilities in your daily work.

Second, we’ll discuss Office 365 Connectors for Teams. Office 365 Connectors are a great way to get useful information and content into your Office 365 Group or Team. Any user can connect their group to services like Trello, Bing News, Twitter, etc., and get notified of the group’s activity in that service. I’ll demonstrate how to use Connectors in your organisation, and how to hook up your own web services to Connectors.

Last but not least, we’ll talk about manageability of Microsoft Teams. Teams in Office 365 are intended to be created and managed by end users. Still, there are quite some configuration options from an admin perspective, which I'll explain. Also, I’ll show you how to set up some policies and create some quick reports through PowerShell to manage your environment when it comes to Teams.

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