Session - Help! I Need a Silver Bullet for GDPR Compliance! Let`s rather focus on SharePoint here and protect the Hybrid Cloud

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Business
GDPR compliance requires a multi-layered approach to secure personal and sensitive data. Whether your journey to GDPR compliance entails a clear plan for legacy systems, hybrid environments, on-premise instances, or the cloud, Metalogix can help you locate, manage, and protect personal data stored in SharePoint and Office 365. Metalogix can help you find your sensitive data and classify it accordingly. Sensitive Content Manager will scan and detect personal data across your SharePoint environments in minutes, based on search criteria that you define. GDPR requires you to track the personal data stored by your organization. Leverage ControlPoint to set and automatically enforce defined governance policies that provide guardrails for normal and compliant business behavior. GDPR requires that you protect personal data from damage, loss, or breach. ControlPoint monitors user behavior to detect and automatically react to unusual activity - like excessive file downloads or unauthorized access requests - helping to protect against potential breaches and support compliance with the GDPR requirement to report breaches within 72 hours. GDPR places greater liability on organizations to prove responsible and transparent management of personal data. Gain visibility into who has accessed or altered personal information and sensitive content over any period of time with ControlPoint. Track and demonstrate compliance through highly granular reporting capabilities to support internal and external audit requests.


Ragnar Heil
Microsoft Alliance Manager EMEA

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