Session - SharePoint Communication Sites - Deep Dive

Level: 300
Track: End-User, Business
In this session you will develop a deeper understanding of the capabilities, features and hidden gems of the “new” SharePoint Communication sites.
Rich publishing capabilities, lighting fast content creation speed and the ootb connectivity to a wide range of services, open up a whole new world of beautiful, connected and fully mobile SharePoint sites. Let’s get to know them better and learn how to adopt fast and impress your users.
Could it be, that Microsoft is reinventing the role of how SharePoint content is delivered to the users? Several industry experts declare Content Digest as one of the top features for 2018 – what could be behind that, and what can we see today already? Let’s look into that and speculate a bit about Microsoft’s plans.
Don’t we all love Microsoft Teams? SharePoint Communication sites, or better said “Pages” can server as an intelligent and connected content canvas, either to guide users to the relevant information in context or for much more advanced application integration scenarios based on the power of the SharePoint Framework. Let’s finish the session with a demo of some real work projects and leave time for Q&A and spontaneous demos.


Marcel Haas
Digital Workplace Architect

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