Session - SharePoint Branding 101: Concept to Production

Level: 100
Track: English
When looking through the internet, it is easy to see a great website and think “I want that” or “How did they do that?” You go to your office and start digging in with concepts and a grand vision of what your company’s new site will look like when completed. While you have an idea of what your site will look like finished, there are many steps that will happen long before you see the finished product.
In this session, we will go through the vital steps you should take starting with the creation of the initial wireframes and mock-ups on to the creation of page layouts and master pages. You will learn what design features to take into account when creating a Publishing Site versus a Non-Publishing site and the planning process for both.
If you are excited about beginning your first SharePoint branding project, this session will give you tools, examples and a strong planning foundation so that you will be able to move forward with a quality site and avoid coding and design mishaps along the way to your vision of SharePoint.

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