Session - Office 365 and Cloud Identity - What Does It Mean for Me?

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Business
Office 365 brings a host of productivity options, but one of the most overlooked components is how we'll authenticate to the Cloud. Helping your users to make use of these business productivity capabilities is key and ensuring the user experience is as seamless as possible facilitates adoption. With Azure Active Directory (AAD) driving access and authentication to our Office 365 tenants, it is important to understand how we can interact with it. Come learn more about Cloud Identity, Identity Federation, Directory Synchronization and most importantly Azure and its impacts on user experience and access to Office 365. Throughout this session, we'll answer the questions that impact you and how your decisions around identity shape your Office 365 experiences. We'll also look into some of the extra capabilities that come with EMS and Premium Azure Active Directory licensing.

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