Session - Reputation Management on Steroids with LinkedIn (Session 2)

Level: 200
Track: Business
Is your reputation opening doors for your career or are you stuck in place? In the second half of the LinkedIn Masterclass workshop, Shadeed Eleazer will introduce his "Network as a Service" process which will transform LinkedIn into a tool that will enhance your career as a senior professional or self-employed professional. This session is geared towards aspiring speakers, bloggers, current MVPs and thought leaders seeking to establish a powerful personal brand.

What You Will Learn:
The simple mindset shift to boost LinkedIn connections
Simple strategies to get on the radar of the top influencers in your industry
The key detail that your profile photo needs to stand out
What I learned about LinkedIn groups that will expand your network overnight
A little known hack to build a power network using your profile
How to utilize Advanced People Search for new positions and freelancing
How to leverage LinkedIn Premium Features to supercharge your networking

Key Result:
Network as a Service roadmap and action plan
Premium LinkedIn features understanding
LinkedIn integration for reputation management success

Workshop Requirements:
Bring your current resumes
Laptop or smartphone

Session Gift:
Download the LinkedIn Reputation Manager worksheet:


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