Session - How Personality and Culture Determine Collaboration Success

Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Within Office 365, we have multiple methods for collaboration and communication – and yet with the rate of innovation coming from Microsoft these days, many organisations are struggling to understand which tools and capabilities to use, and when to use them. The fact is: different teams work in different ways. Within the modern digital workplace, there are many different “modalities” of collaboration — and the companies that understand and meet the evolving needs of their end users will have a competitive advantage.

In this keynote session by Microsoft RD & MVP Christian Buckley, we'll discuss how identifying and understanding your individual personality traits works best within your own organization can improve team dynamics -- and how individual personality and team culture impact the “Inner Loops” and “Outer Loops” workloads in Office 365.

By attending this session, you will better understand:

1. Microsoft’s “intelligent communications” messaging
2. How each workload works alone and together within key scenarios
3. Which tool to use when inside your own organization

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