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Jens Weil

Jens interest and talent is to find solutions to generate business values for enterprises to help them reach higher productivity. His career in the IT industry started 1992 and he has been involved in many different projects since then. Today Jens is mainly involved in business strategy, functional architecture and as an advisor based on SharePoint and Office 365. His focus area is helping a client to create a new Modern Workplace based on the best tools for their requir​ements.​ ​

Twitter: @JensWeil​ ​| Blog: Creowo​

David Opdendries

David is a SharePoint Architect and have been working with SharePoint since 2005. He have built SharePoint based Intranets, Extranets, Public Websites, and customized applications. David is a teacher and train talented people to become great SharePoint Developers. He is up-to-date with the latest techniques in technology including, office 365 development, The SharePoint Framework, and the Azure Stack.​ 

Twitter: @SharePointDavid​ | Blog: SPDavid



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