Session - A 21st Century Lunch Bell Based on Cognitive Services, Azure IoT and Office365

Level: 300
Track: Developer, End-User, Business
This session covers the story of "MoCaDeSyMo" working together with "Homie". MoCaDeSyMo runs on a Raspberry Pi taking pictures and uploading them to Azure and Homie is a smart language understanding Bot. Combined they are our 21st-century lunch bell.
Based on a trained image recognition model in Azure Cognitive Services we are able to tell if the local food truck is parking in our driveway and ready for offering snacks. In case the truck is here MoCaDeSyMo uses Microsoft Teams to literally ring the lunch bell in order to inform the different subscribers. For further reference, all the information is also accessible through a SharePoint Online site. If our users are not on Teams but on Skype the system also can notify given users via a Skype instant message, so both worlds, Teams and Skype are reachable. Homie is the Bot frontend of the system, it allows users to ask him if the food truck is already here or not. Homie also offers an option to subscribe to different channels or set up your very own settings. With the power of Azure IoT, Homie even lights up a LED light connected to a Raspberry PI on your very own desk if the truck has arrived.
The given use case is of course not a real business problem, but the experience you gain doing all this, seeing all the different options available with the combination of Office365, Azure and a little bit of creativity can be a powerful tool in terms of mastering the challenge of being up to date with the Microsoft ecosystem.


Thomas Goelles
Head of Modern Workplace Solutions

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