SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley 2016 sponsorship is a two step process:

  1. Register using the SPSEvents sponsor submission form
    • ​Make sure to upload your logo in 125 x 125 pixels square for ​the Sponsor Page
    • And a 250 x 125 pixel wide logo for the carou​sel on the home page.
  2. Download the SPS ​Silicon Valley 2016 Sponsor Packet (PDF)​​ and return it to sponsors@spssv.org as instructed in the packet

Sponsorship is granted to those who qualify on a first come first served basis.  Registration (step #1) does not require a signature but puts you in the queue for your selected level.  At that point yo​​u have 5 business days to complete the packet to secure your spot by filling out the PDF and returning it via email.  Due to limited tab​le space, we can only offer the specified number of Platinum, and Gold spots indicated in the packet.  So don't delay and return your completed packet to reserve your spot at the premiere SharePoint community event in Northern California.​
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
Netwoven Inc. is a leading Microsoft professional services provider who helps companies design and deploy solutions for business collaboration, intelligence, workflow, and relationship management. Founded in 2001 by senior-level executives from Microsoft, Oracle and Intel, Netwoven empowers more intelligent enterprises by connecting people, processes, and information. We help medium to large enterprise customers unlock the hidden value of their information assets and derive rapid return on investment from their technology investments.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Celebrating over 25 years of client delivery success, Kiefer Consulting is recognized as the leading provider of online solutions for the State of California. Headquartered in Folsom, California, we provide a unique blend of talented team members with on-site collaboration that fosters teamwork and delivers results. Recent client successes include the launch of the online properties for the California Highway Patrol and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and the launch of the Covered California healthcare cost calculator and the latest redesign of the California Lottery’s mobile applications.

Kiefer Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide services to your organization because we have the experience, the deep understanding of technology platforms, and the team who delivers. By serving on the Emerging Technology Advisory Committee, Project Delivery Summit Advisory Committee, the California Mobile Advisory Committee, hosting Edunars℠, leading local technical user groups and teaching PMI courses, we are considered trusted advisors to numerous state agencies and innovators in Northern California, where our company and entire staff is based.

Kiefer Consulting has been successful in recruiting and retaining highly skilled, locally based individuals by providing challenging projects and opportunities for skills growth, and was a finalist for Sacramento Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2014.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Metalogix is the premier provider of unified management software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on-premises.
Over 20,000 clients trust Metalogix to optimize the availability, performance, and security of their content across the collaboration lifecycle.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Creativity is Contagious, Our goal to pass our creations to the world with great creative products and services, Solve your all problems with our solutions. QK Groups is a team of innovative, passionate and talented peoples who can solve your all IT problems.
Sponsorship Level: Silver
Building workflows on top of SharePoint using extension technologies leads to version lock, technical debt, and, often, hybrid SharePoint installations.

SharePoint partners and users can eliminate these problems by adopting to a low-code platform that will yield future-proof forms and workflows.

AgilePoint is the top provider of a leading low-code application Platform having strong integration with SharePoint, Office365 and other Microsoft Technologies.
Sponsorship Level: Silver
Crow Canyon provides a powerful and flexible suite of business applications for SharePoint and Office 365, including Help Desk, Customer Service, Employee Services, Asset Management, HR, Facilities, Marketing, Purchasing, and others. Our applications deliver critical functionality to organizations all over the world, including major financial institutions, government agencies, military units, colleges, corporations of all sizes, healthcare companies, and more.
Based in California, and with over 20 years’ experience in developing business tools, Crow Canyon has earned its reputation as a leader in building applications on the Microsoft platform.

Our programs run in all versions of SharePoint, including on-premises and Office 365/SharePoint Online. We also have successfully delivered many custom SharePoint and Office 365 development projects, such as a quote generator, contract and document management, and freedom of information request. Along with this, we have a set of tools and web parts available that enhance the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.
Sponsorship Level: Silver
K2 is an innovative provider of agile business application platforms and solutions, including K2 blackpearl and K2 Appit for SharePoint. These solutions, based on workflows and forms, empower people to build and run business apps - from the very simple to the highly complex - to customize business applications that stretch across roles, departments, and data sources. Visit www.K2.com to learn more.
Sponsorship Level: Silver
Pervasent’s Board Papers application brings SharePoint to your board and management meetings. Meeting organizers use a optimized SharePoint interface to create agendas, assemble documents and set up resolutions. Materials are securely delivered to native iPad and Windows apps that let attendees read and annotate documents on their mobile device. Beyond the boardroom, Board Papers provides a secure platform for delivering documents for events ranging from committee and project meetings to sales and training programs. Today, large and small organizations across the globe use Board Papers to cut the time they spend delivering documents, while providing a great experience for meeting attendees.
Sponsorship Level: Silver
PixelMill is a digital branding consultancy specializing in SharePoint User Interface development and branding, specifically employing Responsive Web Design methodologies and mobile capable designs. Through demonstrated expertise and thought leadership, as well as a commitment to an outstanding level of service, our focus on end users and branding that fits the organization has proved time and time again to increase adoption, engagement, and productivity. We make you look good. For more information: www.pixelmill.com.
Sponsorship Level: Bronze
In 1997, DocAuto, Inc. began to make a name for itself by providing unparalleled software solutions that met immediate needs within the iManage Work community. DocAuto is now an internationally utilized solutions and services provider focused on Enterprise Content Management and E-mail Management for WorkSite and SharePoint. DocAuto prides itself on rigidly working within iManage Work's 3-tier architecture, Microsoft's SharePoint architecture, and by following Enterprise Content Management best practices. At DocAuto we are committed to creating innovative solutions that improve our clients' unique work environments, foster growth, and meet the future needs of our customers.
Sponsorship Level: Bronze
Award-winning PDF Share Forms solutions are focused on PDF forms integration with SharePoint. Our team believes that we provide benefits to any organization working with forms: local governments, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, medical and pharmaceutical companies, construction, oil &energy organizations. Our solutions are a vital tool to such central departments in any organization as HR, procurement, audit & compliance, and more.
Sponsorship Level: Bronze
Rencore, the company behind SPCAF, the popular SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, is a software development company founded by experienced SharePoint architects and developers. Its objective is to provide solutions around Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 that bring transparency into the development process.

The SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is a toolset for developers, architects and IT professionals to ensure the code quality and code governance of your SharePoint solutions and add-ins. With SPCAF, you can plan and review the application architecture, track your development with SharePoint specific code metrics, and create standardized documentation for your customizations. SPCAF also helps you migrate your customizations to the SharePoint add-in model.

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