Session - Your SharePoint 2013 Branding Initiation

Level: 100
Track: Developer
Need to brand your first SharePoint site, looking to see how you should have tackled your last SharePoint branding project or what to know what new tools exist in SharePoint 2013 for branding? In this discussion we will look at an overview of branding SharePoint 2013 on premise and in the cloud. We will look at new tools such as composed looks and design manager as well as see and learn how SharePoint 2013 has built upon existing technologies such as Master Pages, Page Layouts and .net / SharePoint controls. We will look at no code branding solutions available with composed looks to full customization in both collaboration scenarios and publishing portals, from planning and concept through implementation and redeployment.
This introductory session is geared towards those looking to learn how to use the available tools and techniques to custom brand SharePoint 2013 on premise and in the cloud. Experienced web designers looking to brand SharePoint to seasoned SharePoint developers will walk away with what they need to start branding their SharePoint projects.
Topics discussed include:
• Branding SharePoint overview
• Composed Looks (our themes replacement)
• Custom Master Pages and Page Layouts
• The new SharePoint Design Manager
Developer, IT Pro

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