Session - Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint 2016 Successfully

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Business
SharePoint 2016 is finally out and it brings tons of new features that continue to make SharePoint an amazing collaboration tool for companies. Many companies are still on SharePoint 2010, maybe even earlier versions. In this session, I discuss and show you the approach for upgrading and migrating to SharePoint 2016. Its time to get with the times and upgrade your farm. I will shares best practices and lots of tips as we upgrade our sample farm. I will include some troubleshooting and custom solutions based on real world scenarios to make sure this isn’t another “simple” upgrade. Best of all, we will have fun doing this.
Attendee Takeaways:
1. Learn how to upgrade to SharePoint 2016 from various SharePoint versions.
2. Learn best practices for upgrading smoothly and properly.
3. Learn some tips and tricks to making the upgrade faster, less error prone and efficient to reduce downtime.
4. Learn how to troubleshooting and deal with upgrade issues.

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