Session - Working on the go with Microsoft

Level: 100
Track: End-User
Increasingly we do our work on the go using mobile devices such as tablets and phones. It used to be that support for Microsoft was weak unless you were on a Windows Phone, but those days are long over. There are dozens of personal and business productivity apps for iOS and Android available now and this session will take a look at them. From the simple ones like Outlook, the Office Suite, and the Office 365 suite like the O365 Admin app, Delve, Groups, and Teams; to the less common ones like Sway, PowerApps, Authenticator, and then to the personal apps like OfficeLens, Cortana, and Translator.

This session will provide an overview of the top apps for iOS and Android and show some examples of how they can be used in your daily work and personal life to empower you, and your users, to get more done on your own pace.


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