Session - Careers in Microsoft Technologies for 2018

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro
As with any career that you may choose, seeing someone perform the job and experiencing it for yourself before you decide to invest in learning it is both sensible and wise. We will engage in an "around the world" review of how the Microsoft job market is changing, the new skills you will need now and in the next few years for both on-premises or cloud-hosted versions of SharePoint, Office 365, BI, Azure, AI, gaming & mixed reality. We will review actual job roles with the skills and/or programming languages you would need to learn to pursue a career in each area. Finally, we will look at some quick samples of what each job position might be like day-to-day, salary ranges, numbers of job postings, cities the jobs are popular in and how to formulate a plan to enter or move around in this job market.

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