Session - JavaScript best practices, APP model and On Premises

Level: 300
Track: Developer
Whether you develop applications for on premises or in the app model one thing is clear. You need to write JavaScript. The language is hated by many, loved by a few and dismissed by almost all. However in today's world, any web technology development project will contain at least some JavaScript.

My aim for this session is to bring my development experience, and my experience as the Lead Developer at RencoreAB on SPCAF to demonstrate how development differs in JavaScript depending on the context you write it. How the structure works, and bring in some groundwork to ensure faster development and less overhead due to bugs and issues that can arise.

In this session you will learn:
- The development patterns in detail and how they work, so you can keep your code maintainable
- Top best practices for writing your code, for performance and security
- How working in each model cloud/hybrid/on premises effects the way you develop
- Governance decisions when choosing frameworks, and how to interweave this into your support model

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