SharePoint Online: a Friend or a Foe?
Level: 100
Track: Business
This is an important question many customers ask themselves. Microsoft is heavily promoting their Cloud services with SharePoint Online as their showpiece. The SharePoint Online platform did mature over the years and has become a worthy and realistic replacement for SharePoint On-Premises. SharePoint Online offers Intranet and Extranet business solutions and contains the latest SharePoint features. Although this sounds great, many customers aren't sure and are hesitant of the Cloud. What they really wonder: is SharePoint Online a friend or a foe? The presentation covers the following topics:

- A look at the history and evolution of SharePoint Online
- Real world SharePoint Online Intranet Solutions
- An Extranet business scenario with SharePoint Online
- Overcome Cloud challenges such as Governance, Unified User Experience and Hybrid Solutions
- The main differences with SharePoint On-Premises

Key Take Away Points:

- Determine if SharePoint Online is a good fit for your organisation
- A clear overview of not only the benefits but also the challenges of SharePoint Online
- Learn about useful business scenarios and workloads suitable for SharePoint Online


A Better Way To Globalise SharePoint
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
Organizations with a distributed user base can face significant and unique challenges in meeting business demands. Fast and reliable access is still the requirement, but providing this globally can push the limits of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities. Employing an SQL solution, like mirroring or Always On, can help; but, limitations with these can leave your users unhappy with an incomplete solution.
Join us for our upcoming session to understand the synchronization limitations with Out of the Box SharePoint and other Microsoft solutions, such as SQL and discuss what you should be looking for in order to achieve true global deployment for SharePoint. In this session you will learn:
•    Problems with Microsoft centralized farm deployment for global access
•    Latency and bandwidth issues related to SQL solutions for SharePoint synchronization
•    How do you achieve proper synchronization across larger, multi-farm SharePoint deployments
How to ensure access to all SharePoint content to any user, anywhere


James Fowell
Solution Engineer and Partner Manager
Advanced SharePoint 2013 Workflow for Developers
Level: 300
Track: Developer
SharePoint 2013 introduces the renewed workflow engine. In this session, you learn some advanced topics about developing workflows with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2013. In particular, you learn how to create custom actions to extend SharePoint Designer 2013, how to create custom workflow forms, and how to leverage the Workflow Services Manager engine to automate and manage workflows.
This session targets SharePoint developers with a good experience in the fields of workflows development and/or process management.
Building Sandboxed Solutions with Apps
Level: 300
Track: Developer
Deciding between apps for SharePoint and SharePoint solutions doesn't have to be "apps vs. solutions" decision.
It can also be "apps and solutions" decision. Apps can be part of a SharePoint sandboxed solution and used with web parts, in web templates, and page layouts.
I'll also show JavaScript that is part of SharePoint solution in SharePoint hosted apps as "code behind", and I'll show how apps combined with web parts can be used to show centrally managed role based content that can be presented depending on location or user role.
Building SharePoint Apps with AngularJS and ShareCoffee
Level: 300
Track: Developer
Speed up your App development skills using ShareCoffee, an unified API layer for accessing SharePoint's REST services. And gain even more speed using AngularJS for building incredible web-apps using one of the most powerful javascript MVVM frameworks currently available. Thorsten Hans, SharePoint MVP and CoffeeScript lover shows you how to build modern Apps based on SharePoint or SharePoint Online using latest web technologies and standards.
Creating sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013
Level: 300
Track: Developer
Creating sustainable solutions is always daunting, whether you are a single developer or working as a member in a large team. Every type of project requires a specific approach, there are no silver bullets. Still, there are some considerations you should make with every new SharePoint development project to ensure proper developer workflow and the delivery of maintainable solutions.
In this session we will look at several tools and topics around SharePoint 2013, the different solution types and Team Foundation Server and how you can use them to enhance your development projects.
Topics covered:
•    The correct SharePoint solution type, basically “Farm v.s. Sandbox v.s. the App Model”
•    JavaScript and HTML frameworks, why and when to use
•    Solution Lifecycle Management
•    TFS supported development


Gathering requirements the visual way
Level: 200
Track: Business
Target group:
Business, business analysts, power users, project managers and others involved in gathering requirements for the next SharePoint project.

The session:
The basics in gathering requirement as understanding the business problem as well as the difference between functional and non-functional requirements.
A deep dive into tools and techniques that can be used to elicit requirements and make the more understandable for both the business and technology people.
Special focus on visualizations that often says more than 1024 words.


Roger Skauen
Application Architect - SharePoint
Yara International ASA
Goodbye Solutions, Hello CAM!
Level: 400
Track: Developer
While SharePoint solution packages have their benefits, they also have their downsides. The Cloud Application Model is the new way to deploy solutions, both to on-premises environments and to O365.

In this session I will talk you through a new way of deploying solutions to SharePoint servers, both on premise and in the cloud. I will demo how to deploy functionality to O365 without deploying a single WSP package, how to create sites, add lists, activate features etc, all from the comfort of your own computer.

You will sure walk away with lots to think about when it comes to your own solutions and how you package them!


Erwin van Hunen
Product Owner - Tranformation Tooling
Implementing ADFS and Hybrid SharePoint
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro
In this session we look at modern forms of authentication . We’ll cover Windows Server Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) concepts and look at federation with SharePoint. There are a number of difficulties that you’ll need to overcome implementing SAML claims with SP, for example people picker, user profile import, problematic use of some SharePoint apps. We’ll also cover the infrastructure side like making it work with host named site collections, reverse proxy servers and other user directories. Moving to the cloud we’ll look at the authentication architecture of the standards employed; like OAUTH, WS-* and OpenID Connect.
Off the Beaten Path: Building SharePoint Enterprise Platforms
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
To point and click our way through a SharePoint installation is relatively easy, but what about all the other 'stuff' that we might not have considered? Join SharePoint expert, Andy Talbot for a detailed discussion on building SharePoint platforms fit for enterprise customers.

In this session, Andy will address some of the common challenges that can take some enterprises by surprise, lessons learnt by large organisations, factors that we should have planned for, and common failure points. Attendees will benefit from this discussion regardless of if you are just starting out with your deployment, or you’re already in production. Although this is mainly targeted at the IT PRO audience, key points are made that very relevant to business users too.


PowerShell for Office365
Level: 400
Track: IT Pro
Office 365 is the premier solution for hosting SharePoint in the cloud. But as any shared solution managing it posts limitations, specializations, gotchas and generally “not what you are used to”. During this session you will be taught how to easily manage the tenant, how to manage the content and how to re-use code to make automation solutions that will help your enterprise get a grip on your SharePoint (and Office 365 in general).
Rock Your Office 365(SharePoint Online) Search with 13 Easy Tune-Ups
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User
Search is a key component in SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint 2013, and the new search page is a vast improvement over search in SharePoint 2010. By using all the new tools available to tune search in a configuration only manner you can easily improve and customize the search experience to suit your company's needs. This session will cover 13 easy tune-ups based on the experience with SharePoint 2013 so far, which will improve on the end-user search experience. Everyone setting up search should consider these tune-ups as standard setup for new SharePoint installations. This session will among other things cover:* how to improve findability by ranking content* how to improve findability by smart refiners* improve the visual previews of your results* search as you type functionality to quicker find relevant content.
SharePoint 2013 Farm Architecture – Bringing it all together
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro
We've probably all seen them: farms that were just set up, but seem like the've been built a couple of years ago. Ten application pools, even more web applications, a myriad of farm solutions, suspicious IIS settings and exotic farm configurations that just don't seem right at all. Platform hygiene just seems like a distant dream. In this session we'll look at some techniques and good practices that you can use when designing your next SharePoint farm. Host named site collections and as less application pools and web applications as possible is the main message here. We'll see how to set them up and make them work with SSL, SharePoint apps, reverse proxies and load balancers without loosing your mind. Make your on-premises farm future proof - and cloud ready.


SharePoint One-stop-shop Project Management Tool
Level: 200
Track: End-User, Business
With experience from telecom mobile roll-out projects as well as reorganization and implementation projects, Merethe has tried and tested how SharePoint could be optimized as a project management tool. In this session, she will share some ideas and examples of how to best work with SharePoint out-of-the-box in addition to show how project management methodology makes it easier to “change the engine while the aircraft is in the air”.


Merethe Stave
Lead Infrastructure Engineer
Sopra Steria
SharePoint Workflow from A-Z
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business
A complete overview of the current state of workflow in SharePoint 2013 and the 3rd party vendor space


Ashley Evans
Business Development - Nordics
K2 Northern Europe GmbH
Taming Big SharePoint
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
Best Practices for the management and administration of large scale SharePoint environments
SharePoint environments are getting larger and larger, administrators are being pushed to the limits of their
knowledge, being asked to manage and administrate large-scale SharePoint and SQL Server estates.
In large scale environments, understanding the impact of design choice, changing requirements and the increasing
demand for higher availability and improved performance can drive many administrators to distraction.
In this session we take a from the field view of how large scale SharePoint environments can be tamed through:
•    Leveraging storage
•    Maintaining control of SQL Server
•    Technical and Usage Governance
•    Best practices and reference architectures
The session will include practical, pragmatic advice based on real-world experience as well as providing clear
examples of how the principles can be applied in specific scenarios.
The Power of the Term Store
Level: 200
Track: End-User, Business
The term store in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 is a wonderful functionality which can do far more than simply implement a taxonomy for the SharePoint environment. This session will cover the possibilities it offers, from a description of the service, to synonyms, multiple languages, search center functionalities and navigation.


Hannah Swain
SharePoint and Office 365 specialist
Visio 2013 and Visio Services a quick guide
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
In this session you will get a high level introduction to how you can use Visio Services inside SharePoint or Office 365 to among other things filter your SharePoint List. Before it was always problems when sharing diagrams produced with Visio, well with the 2013 versions of Visio, SharePoint and Office 365 all that has changed, now sharing is as easy as uploading the diagram to a document library and telling the users where it is.


Yes! SharePoint Projects on time, on budget and with happy customers
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Business
As the IT environment complexity grows, SharePoint projects tend to experience budget slides, scope creep and unhappy customers.
This session will give you those extremely valuable tools you need in order to successfully execute small and large projects, on time, on budget and with ecstatic customers!
Run your project the way everyone has heard stories about but never witnessed!

Session will go thru the enabling factors on high performance teams, how to define clear visions and goals for the project, handle requirements, deal with risks and handle the ever-important assumptions that makes-or-breaks a successful SharePoint project.


Jesper Schioett
Senior Solution Architect
DONG Energy


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