Track​IT Pro (Felix 2)​Dev (Felix 1)Business (Titania)
09:00-09:10Welcome & Introduction
10:00-11:00Visio 2013 and Visio Services a quick guide - 200

Knut Relbe-Moe (Steria)​​
Building SharePoint Apps with AngularJS and ShareCoffee - 300

Thorsten Hans
The Power of the Term Store: All the ways this super hero can save the day - 200

Hannah Swain
11:15-12:15Implementing ADFS and Hybrid SharePoint - 400

Thorbjørn Værp
Goodby WSP! Hello CAM! - 400

Erwin van Hunen
SharePoint Online: A friend or a foe? - 100

Jasper Oosterveld
13:00-14:00SharePoint 2013 Farm Architecture - Bringing it all together - 300

Thomas Vochten
A Better Way to Globalise SharePoint

James Fowell (Metalogix)
SharePoint Workflows, from A to Z

Ashley Evans (K2)
14:15-15:15Taming Big SharePoint - 200

Seb Matthews
Session - Advanced SharePoint 2013 Workflow for Developers - 300

Paolo Pialorsi
Gathering requirements the visual way - 200

Roger Skauen
15:30-16:30Off the Beaten Path: Building SharePoint Enterprise Platforms - 200

Andy Talbot
Building Sandboxed Solutions with Apps - 300

Sonja Madsen
Yes! SharePoint Projects on time, on budget and with happy customers - 200

Jesper Schioett
16:45-17:45Rock Your Search with 13 Easy Tricks - 300

Mikael Svenson
Creating sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013 - 300

Yuri Burger
Using SharePoint as a project management tool - 200

Merethe Stave
1800->Raffle, Locknote, SharePint


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