Session - Automating SharePoint: AutoSPInstaller vs DSC

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer
Automating the deployment of SharePoint Server 2016 in an on-premises/Azure IaaS enterprise environment is a big customer need. Since 2010, the open-source AutoSPInstaller script project was one of the top examples of accomplishing this using PowerShell. Now, with the arrival of DSC (PowerShell Desired State Configuration), we have a new paradigm for not only automating SharePoint installations but also monitoring and optionally correcting any deviations from their intended state. This session will provide a brief history of AutoSPInstaller and its methodology, give a general overview of DSC, then focus specifically how the SharePointDSC project promises to improve SharePoint Server installation & configuration. ​


Nik Charlebois
Premier Field Engineer - SharePoint
Brian Lalancette
Premier Field Engineer

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