Session - Understanding the NSA leaks from a SharePoint perspective

Level: 100
Track: Business

Organizations are in a constant battle with the issue of administrative access those managing and maintaining their Sharepoint Form. The goal is always to limit the liability and leverage one individual has over the organization's data. In the case of the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security determined that the NSA data management solution was based on silos.

These siloed systems collaborated and shared information for the purpose of combatting threats. Both foreign and domestic. Edward Snowden made use of his credentials and well as those of some of his colleagues in order to gain access to these systems. Edward Snowden is often depicted as a hacker and his attack on the NSA as an act of hacking.

The reality is that he made use of rules and privileges that we’re already in place in order to manipulate the system.
Many are quick to blame Sharepoint for Snowden’ success. But the reality is that it had nothing to do with Sharepoint. Its mechanisms for handling security worked as intended by Microsoft, and Snowden did not take advantage of any code in the platform itself. The real culprit behind the leaks is user and group permission mismanagement.


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