Choose it right: Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow and Workflows
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business
With the availability of vibrant options for business process automation, making the decisions become a bit confusing. Microsoft had provided a guidance on what will suite when. Lets discuss about this with some real world examples we have implemented in our daily business. Also how to plan ahead of technology transitions and the challenges associated with each.
Have End-Users fall in love with SharePoint again through meaningful adoption best practices.
Level: 200
Track: End-User, Business
Most endusers "hate" SharePoint. The reason to this is many faceted. In this session I want to look at SharePoint project why most of them fail from End-User perspective. As a balance to the challenges we have, I want to show measures how to make your end-users fall in love with SharePoint again and how businesses can take the most out of their expensive information and collaboration platform investments.
J.A.R.V.I.S L'assistant personnel : Comment récuperer les données sur SharePoint Online via une UWP
Level: 300
Track: Developer
La transformation digitale est au cœur des préoccupations des services informatique. Le sujet le plus critique est la gestion de la donnée, pour cela Microsoft a fourni une plateforme dans le cloud (Office 365) permettant de répondre à ce besoin. SharePoint Online a évolué depuis ces 9 dernières années pour fournir une plateforme collaborative performante à destination des entreprises. Durant cette session, vous pourrez découvrir comment une application Universelle Windows 10 couplée avec un BOT vous permettra de récupérer vos données stockées sur SharePoint Online juste par le fait d'interagir avec le BOT. J.A.R.V.I.S devient une réalité!


La gouvernance d'Office 365 avec +100k utilisateurs
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
La gouvernance est l'élément clé de la réussite de votre projet Office 365. Que l'on parle des comptes à privilèges ou des aspects fonctionnels, les règles d'utilisation d'un tenant changent d'une société à un autre. Au travers d'un retour d'expérience d'une migration en cours chez un grand compte, vous apprendrez comment organiser la gouvernance de votre tenant. Quels sont les points clés à ne pas négliger ? De quelles ressources s'entourer ? Quels sont les pièges à éviter ?
Rejoignez cette session, et la gouvernance de la partie collaborative d'un tenant Office 365 n'aura plus de secret pour vous !


Aurélien Prévot
MVP Office Development & Consultant SharePoint
Cloud's Natives
William Bordes
Cloud Consultant
Mise en place de votre processus devops Office/Office 365/SharePoint
Level: 100
Track: Developer
Quel développeur n’a jamais rêvé d’avoir une assurance qualité de bout en bout pour éviter le stress et les cauchemars ? Historiquement avec SharePoint on a toujours dit que c’était chose compliquée, coûteuse etc…

Nous verrons un ensemble d’outils et de solutions avec Visual Studio Team Services qui vous démontreront le contraire et vous n’aurez plus d’excuses après cette session pour automatiser la qualité dans vos processus.
Au programme :
-    Gestion des sources et des branches
-    Build automtisé de solutions/apps SharePoint
-    Déploiements automatisés
-    Tests automatisés
-    Qualité de code

Nombreuses démonstrations


Office 365 Groups Deep Dive
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Business
Office 365 Groups are Microsoft’s answer to sharing information and collaborating across ad hoc groups and project teams. In this session we will take a deep dive into some of the more advanced Groups capabilities and into the management and governance aspects of Groups.

First up is External Users. It is possible to invite guest users to Groups, but how does this work? What are these users allowed to see / work on, and what not? What are the caveats when you are allowing External Users in your Groups? I’ll also show how to set up and control guest invitations from an admin perspective.

Second, we’ll discuss Office 365 Connectors for Groups. Office 365 Connectors are a great way to get useful information and content into your Office 365 Group. Any user can connect their group to services like Trello, Bing News, Twitter, etc., and get notified of the group’s activity in that service. I’ll demonstrate how to use Connectors in your organisation, and how to hook up your own web services to Connectors.

Last but not least, we’ll talk about manageability of Office 365 Groups. Groups in Office 365 are intended to be created and managed by end users. I’ll show you how to set up some policies and create some quick reports through PowerShell to manage your environment when it comes to Groups.
SharePoint DSC and Patterns and Practices Libraries(PnP) to provision farms and assets OnPremises and in Office365
Level: 300
Desired State Configuration is a technology, for declarative configuration of systems, one of the fastest-moving technologies today. It literally transforms how Implementers deploy and manage on-premises resources and those extended to the cloud. Unleash your environments using DSC and SharePoint PnP Remote Provisioning technics to deploy OnPremises and cloud environments.
In this session you will learn the plain concepts beneath using SharePoint DSC and PNP Libraries to build your SharePoint farms and provisioning SharePoint assets OnPremises and In Office 365


Rodrigo Pinto
SharePoint\O365 Lead Consultant
The Lay of the Land of Client-Side Development circa 2017
Level: 200
Track: Developer
Are you dazzled by all the noises you hear about client-side development? Do the grunts and gulps leave you a little confused? In this session, we’ll talk about the types of things you can do with client-side development, how SharePoint can be used as a service (SPaaS?) and what the popular tool sets are. This are moving fast, so it's guaranteed that between writing this abstract and doing the session, things will have changed.

Whether you’re a server-side developer who wants to catch up with the new trends, a power user wanting to flex your muscles in new ways, or an end user who would like to speak more intelligently with IT, this session will provide useful foundation information as well as a guide to where your learning should progress to work with "modern" SharePoint.
The People vs. Digital Transformation
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
In today's fast paced world, we are pummeled with product, especially in the Office 365 stack. This leaves everyone asking the question, "So what is Office 365"? In this session we cover the following:

1. How does Office 365 translate into Digital Transformation
2. How to split the "companion apps" into real world uses and cases
3. What skills and disciplines are required when adopting Office 365 productivity toolsets
4. Building a tangible road-map and strategy for Digital Transformation

Consultants, Change Managers, Subject Matter Experts and Power Users need the correct facilitation procedures to ensure maximum reach, maximum exposure and maximum buy-in from staff when adopting Office 365. By catering for the above, the correct tool at the correct time, with the correct enablement can be achieved.
Upgrade to SharePoint 2016
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro
This sessions speaks about paths and methods to successfuly upgrade your SharePoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 environment to SharePoint 2016.


Using Microsoft Graph to work with Groups, Teams and Planner
Level: 200
Track: Developer
Using Microsoft Graph to work with Groups, Teams and Planner
With the Microsoft Graph you can extend all the Office 365 goodness that is available to you. But what do you need to know to start, and what are your options for the new kids on the block like teams and flow? In this session you get the insights required to start with the Microsoft Graph as well as the available components to work with Groups, Teams and Planner. Rick and Appie take you an demo packed tour of some development goodness available to you!
Using Office 365 groups in Power BI
Level: 200
Track: End-User, Business
Power BI has a tight integration with Azure Active Directory and Office 365. This session shows the integration between Power BI and Office 365 groups, describing how to leverage groups’ shared folders in Office 365 to feed data in Power BI reports, and what are the Power BI features that you can use leveraging on Office 365 groups

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