Sponsorship Level: Platinum
Avanade è leader mondiale nella fornitura di servizi digitali innovativi, cloud, business solutions ed experience design, che fanno leva su un grande potenziale umano e sulla forza riconosciuta dell’ecosistema Microsoft. Il nostro team unisce alle competenze in ambito tecnologico una profonda conoscenza del mercato, per poter offrire ai clienti e alla loro stessa clientela, vantaggi competitivi in termini di business. Avanade conta piu’ di 30.000 professionisti connessi tra loro in 24 Paesi del mondo, che mettono a disposizione dei clienti le migliori soluzioni attraverso una cultura aziendale partecipativa che rispetta la diversità e la società nella quale operiamo. Avanade, di cui Accenture è l’azionista di maggioranza, è stata fondata nell’anno 2000 da Accenture LLP e Microsoft Corporation.
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
Green Team is a "black belt" Microsoft Partner focused on Information Worker Solutions. They deliver a competitive and extensive set of services, including Intranets, Portals, Distributed Systems and BPM Applications, high-value multimedia and e-learning products and Cloud-based solutions built on top of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Since SharePoint Portal Server 2001 their staff have been working with SharePoint Products and Technologies. They have been involved in the architecture and implementation phases of several SharePoint projects, as well as in training courses delivered to Microsoft partners and to worldwide customers. Green Team's experts are co-founders of the Italian SharePoint Conference and the Italian SharePoint Community. Since 2008 Microsoft is giving Green Team specialists the MVP Award for SharePoint and Office 365.
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
PiaSys is a dynamic consulting company, made up of smart people, devoted to technology, research and development of excellent software solutions. We are fully focused on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft .NET from a development perspective.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Solutions2Share offers services, consulting, and solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. Our software solutions help you work more efficiently with Office 365 and SharePoint and facilitate their management. We combine SharePoint “out-of-the-box” solutions with specially optimized customizations that help to organize smoothly running processes.
Since 2011, we have developed 20 new SharePoint Addons to improve collaboration in SharePoint. Our Collaboration Manager offers site provisioning in SharePoint and Office 365, the Meeting Manager helps you make meetings more efficient, the Template Hub allows you to manage document and file templates centrally and the Dashboard provides webparts for better overview and faster access.
Solutions2Share’s longstanding expertise in SharePoint as well as knowledge gained from intensive cooperation with our customers have made their way into our products. Our solutions are supporting both medium-sized businesses and large corporations in optimizing their processes.
Sponsorship Level: Silver
Rencore is the leading provider of software protecting organizations against customization risks in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Their proven suite of products detects and resolves potential security issues and compliance risks caused by custom coded solutions, third party components, and citizen developers.

Rencore's de-facto standard tools are addressing three key areas:
Risk Prevention: guiding IT-departments with preventing customizations from seriously affecting security, maintainability, and performance of platforms, data, and processes.
Transformation: helping organizations to assess, modernize and migrate their Microsoft SharePoint functionalities to the cloud.
Governance: helping IT-departments take back control by closely governing citizen developers on-premises and in cloud environments.
Rencore’s leading edge software is trusted by more than 500 organizations worldwide and is used by Microsoft among other major enterprises.

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