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​​​​​​​​​​​SharePoint Saturday Milan is a free technical community event, and it is the result of the collaboration among the Italian SharePoint Community and the Italian Office 365 Community.

For direct contact with the organizers of SharePoint Saturday Milan, please write to info@spsmilan.it

About SPS Events

SPS Events is an all-volunteer organization that provides the tools and knowledge needed for groups and event leaders to organize and host SharePoint Saturday Events. SharePoint Saturday Events (SPS Events) are FREE one-day events held in different cities around the world, featuring sessions from influential and respected SharePoint professionals. At the local event level, SPS Events:

  • Provide local SharePoint professionals and users with excellent training and networking opportunities
  • Encourage increased membership for the local user group
  • Help develop, grow, and encourage new speakers

How It Started

The SharePoint Saturday concept took shape in 2008, with the first SharePoint Saturday event held in early 2009. It grew from speakers who were speaking at Code Camps and SQL Saturdays on SharePoint topics who felt there was enough need in the SharePoint community to warrant their own dedicated events. Furthermore, they felt there were other areas within the SharePoint community that had no avenue for training at the time, such as for End Users, Power Users, Project Managers, Business Analysts, etc. So they adopted some of the core tenants from the Code Camp manifesto (free, open to the public, in local areas, etc.) and adopted it to serve the greater SharePoint community. The SPS Events organization continues to collect lessons from SharePoint Saturday events in an effort to continually improve the event model and encourage more events to take place all over the world. They also maintain and support the SPS Events website with resources that reduce the time and effort required to plan and execute an event.

Management of SPS Events

The SPS Events brand name, logo and website are managed by the SPS Events Board, which consists of a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the initial concepts of SharePoint Saturday and encouraging the growth of SPS Events around the world. They support organizers of local events by providing the resources for organizers to run a SharePoint Saturday event. Event organizers take full ownership of their events. They plan, organize, and operate the entire venture from start to finish. SPS Events provides the tools and coaching to make each SharePoint Saturday event successful and ensures all events stay true to the grassroots nature of SharePoint Saturday. All sponsorship funds collected by events go to the event.

SPS Events believes SharePoint Saturdays have a tremendous, positive impact on the future of SharePoint and its user communities. 
Interested in running an SPS Event? Please check out our FAQ page!​​

Brand yourself!

If you are attending SPS Milan 2018, please feel free to use the images below to promote the event and yourself. You can add either of the images to your email signature, for example.


If you are a speaker at SPS Milan 2018, you already know what to do: spread the rumor! Here's your "I'm speaking" banner.


And if you happen to be so lucky to be a sponsor of the event, go ahead and use the images below for your communication.



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