​​​​SharePoint Saturday Milan 2017 is organized in cooperation with ​​Microsoft Italia.

Sponsorship Level: Platinum
Gimmal Workplace for SAP® unlocks and unifies content, data, and processes created or used by SAP and SharePoint.
Allow users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes. Connect SAP and SharePoint at the content level, the data level, and the workflow level, putting critical business information right where people work.
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
K2 software allows people to build and run business applications, including forms, workflow, data and reports. Across enterprises and within departments, K2 customers are rapidly transforming their companies with applications that allocate work to the right people, with all the information they need to make great decisions. With K2's visual tools, creating, launching and using the first K2 application is a snap. Reusable components ensure the next application delivers faster than the one before, and when the business needs change, it's easy to update your K2 apps to fit. More than a million users in 80-plus countries rely on K2 to streamline operations, save money and reduce risk. For more information, please visit k2.com.
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
Nintex is the market-leader for SharePoint process automation, providing simple, point-and-click workflow that connects every person, department and system inside or outside of your business.

Nintex è leader nel mercato della gestione dei processi per SharePoint, fornendo soluzioni di workflow semplici, a portata di click, per connettere persone, reparti e sistemi interni o esterni al tuo business.
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
SmartFlow365 is not just a company but also a new approach to SharePoint and Office 365. Thanks to SmartFlow365 Suite, based on our developer kit SmartFlow365 Layer, boost the potential of SharePoint and Office 365, resulting a reduction in costs saving in time of a standard development (1 day VS 1 H ). With SmartFlow365 Layer, you can create Responsive Layouts, Dynamic Forms, Manage Processes (Set up automated data import from emails and databases, implement advanced business logic, print and convert to PDF and more), and having a completed integration with Microsoft Graph totally code-free using just your browser.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Green Team is a "black belt" Microsoft Partner focused on Information Worker Solutions. They deliver a competitive and extensive set of services, including Intranets, Portals, Distributed Systems and BPM Applications, high-value multimedia and e-learning products and Cloud-based solutions built on top of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Since SharePoint Portal Server 2001 their staff have been working with SharePoint Products and Technologies. They have been involved in the architecture and implementation phases of several SharePoint projects, as well as in training courses delivered to Microsoft partners and to worldwide customers. Green Team's experts are co-founders of the Italian SharePoint Conference and the Italian SharePoint Community. Since 2008 Microsoft is giving Green Team specialists the MVP Award for SharePoint and Office 365.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Since 1992 Microsys offers IT consultancy services for system integration and application development to respond effectively to customer needs.
It has a long 25-year experience in Microsoft solutions and services aimed at enterprise productivity, business and IT platform management, both in the Cloud and on Premises. Education and Lisencing consultancy complete the offer.
A reliable, practical and flexible partner who is not afraid on innovation: not a value in itself but a crucial factor for growth.
Microsys operates nationwide in Italy through the two offices in Milan and Turin
Sponsorship Level: Gold
PiaSys is a dynamic consulting company, made up of smart people, devoted to technology, research and development of excellent software solutions. We are fully focused on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft .NET from a development perspective.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
skybow delivers the leading platform for the CONFIGURATION of business solutions based on SharePoint or Office 365. You configure it instead of writing code!
Sponsorship Level: Silver
Office365Italia.com, with an e-learning archive with more than 350 videos, consulting services and ready-to-go products, it’s a complete offer for the adoption of Office 365 and SharePoint for the company. The website delivers news, announcements and technical details for Microsoft’s collaboration products and allows you to stay always updated.

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