Saturday, October 13, 2018

Microsoft Portugal, Rua do Fogo de Santelmo, Lote 2.07.02, Parque das Nações

SPS Lisbon 2018



SPS Lisbon is a non-profit, community-driven event dedicated to showcasing all that is great about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure.

By providing top-notch training towards SharePoint administrators, end-users, architects, developers and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies, this is THE event you can't afford to miss!

Please join us on October 13th, 2018 at Microsoft Portugal"s Headquarters in Rua do Fogo de Santelmo, L 2.07.02, Parque das Nações, for the 3rd SPS Lisbon! the end of the event, we dare speakers and attendees to another astonishing SharePint :)

We would love to have you!


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Microsoft Portugal
Rua do Fogo de Santelmo, Lote 2.07.02, Parque das Nações
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