(Actually) Reusable Workflow Code
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer
We will largely focus on integrating custom code and applications using REST web service calls in a way that will allow for maximum code reuse with the old SharePoint 2010 Workflow engine, Workflow Manager 1.0, and the new Microsoft Flow application.


Deep Dive into Office 365 Groups
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer
Office 365 Groups are the next generation of collaboration technologies from Microsoft. At first glance, there are just like SharePoint Team Site – but there is much more. This session will dive into groups, covering the provisioning, governance and extensibility options available in the service. We'll cover PowerShell and REST API interfaces to Groups.
Hacking SharePoint
Level: 100
Track: Developer
There are numerous ways to modify the way you present your SharePoint data! By using common web development tools like JavaScript, jQuery, XSL, CSS, you can display data any way you want it! It will cover the methods like JSLink and Javascript Display Templates for presenting SharePoint Data as well as other open source libraries. This presentation will be demo heavy involving lots of code examples.
Introduction to Office 365 Groups
Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Office 365 Groups are the next generation of collaboration technologies from Microsoft. At first glance, there are just like SharePoint Team Site – but there is much more. This session will introduce O365 Groups and cover the capabilities provided both in the box and via connectors.
Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
Level: 100
Track: Beginner, IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
In this session we will look at 2 new Microsoft O365 offerings, PowerApps and Flow. We will create a basic App and a basic Flow.

If you are interested in following along on your own computer, I suggest you have an O365 subscription, download PowerApps Designer, and have registered for both PowerApps ( and Flow ( In addition, we will be connecting SharePoint, Excel, and Twitter, so make sure you know your logins. :-)


Optimizing SharePoint Online Performance
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User
Recommendations for troubleshooting and optimizing SharePoint Online performance issues. In this presentation we will review how to diagnose and fix performance issues as well as best practices for designing SharePoint portals for optimal performance. This session will be demo-heavy with tips and tricks for power users, admins and developers alike.


Nick Aranzamendi
Lead SharePoint Developer
Overview of the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
The Office 365 Security & Compliance Center is your one-stop portal for protecting your data in Office 365. This session will provde an overview of the Security and Compliance center, how it applies to SharePoint Online, and the recommended practices to best take advantage of the Compaliance features, such as:
* Auditing
* E-discovery and Investigatory Search
* Data Management - Importing, Exporting, and Retaining Content
* Compliance Permissions


Plan your BI Implementation: SharePoint BI 2016 or Power BI
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business
With the release of Power BI v2 the Microsoft BI Roadmap is more confusing than ever. In this session we will review the BI capabilities of SharePoint 2016 and the differences with Power BI. We will look into different scenarios, including hybrid, and how to implement the best option for your business.
Remote Provisioning with the PnP Framework
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer
Do you have SharePoint Online and you are still provisioning using Farm Solutions ?
Are you aware of the OfficeDev PnP initiative ?
In this session we will introduce the Office 365 Developer PnP Core Component and focus on the new remote provisioning model,
You will learn:
* The new Schema XML to provision content types, lists, pages
* Review the code that does the remote provisioning using CSOM
* Extend the framework to create your own customizations
* Create a new template from an existing site to provision a new one
Selling SharePoint to My Decision Makers
Level: 100
Why SharePoint? How does it compare to "X"? Why do we need it and how does it benefit our company?

These are all questions you may be asked in the beginning phases of a journey to SharePoint. But before the project ever gets off the ground, decision makers and leadership need to commit funds and, possibly, time. This session will the value add communciation around the SharePoint solution and how to approach stakeholders to gain the buy in needed to fully commit to the project.


SharePoint as Part of a Digital Transformation Strategy
Level: 100
Track: Business
Understanding how SharePoint can be part of an organizations over all digital transformation and business innovation strategy. How to position SharePoint as more than a "portal" or "technology" solution, and bring real business value! Will spend time with a real life case study.
SharePoint Branding Rebooted - OnPrem or Online
Level: 300
Track: Developer
Alter the look, feel, and even functionality of _every page_ in every SharePoint Site in your entire Site Collection!

• No Solutions
• No Features
• No SharePoint Add-Ins (Apps for SharePoint)
• No Add-In Webs (App Webs)
• No Composed Looks
• No Custom Master Pages
• No Design Manager
• No Publishing Page Layouts (unless you need them)

Apply your "brand" (jQuery, custom JavaScript, custom CSS) with the click of a button, remove it just as easily. Update your assets using whatever editor suits your fancy: Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, Sublime Text, Hot Dog Pro (is that really still a thing), etc.

Every page? Yep... including application pages (_layouts), Web Part pages, wiki pages, dialog pages, publishing pages (if you insist); including every page in all future child Sites as well.

Change virtually anything you want:
• Change the color, size, background of virtually any element
• Hide elements that you don't want the user to see, provide a UX to resurface it if you wish
• Alter the color for each calendar in SharePoint Calendar Overlays
• Remove "Pages" from the SharePoint breadcrumb
• Add animations and transitions, anything jQuery can do really
• And so much more!

If you have a general understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and need to brand SharePoint, this session is for you.
SharePoint Business Value - Connecting IT to the Business of Doing Business
Level: 100
Track: Business
Business value presentation focusing on helping IT to connect the dots with the business to deliver value. Understanding how to connect requirements to business pain, developing a business problem statement and delivering strategic value. Teaching IT to focus on helping businesses realize return on investment and value from their technology investments. Passionate about helping organizations make the connection between technology and realized business value
SharePoint Single Page Apps using ReactJS and REST
Level: 100
Track: Developer
Microsoft has come out with new guidance when developing applications for SharePoint. It is very important that SharePoint developers learn front-end web technologies. With the introduction of the SharePoint Framework, the Microsoft Development team has picked ReactJS as its UI framework. This presentation will show you how you can quickly get up to speed developing SharePoint applications using ReactJS without waiting for the SharePoint Framework.
So, Ya Wanna Plan A Migration?
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Business
A few things to think about when you find out your on the hook to migrate all 7 billion files in your company's file shares. Oh, and Box, and Google Drive and...


Welcome to the Intranet
Level: 100
Track: Beginner
Employee social networks? Intranets? Personalization versus customization? Get an overview of the resources available for online collaboration within companies- no code needed!

This session is geared toward anyone who has found themselves unexpectedly in charge of an internal website or supporting the people who do.


Tara Litzenberger
Source Code Communication
What the Heck is SharePoint?!?!?
Level: 100
Track: Beginner
What the Heck is SharePoint ?!?!? Is a session for a very entry-level SharePoint audience. Where other non-power users and guests of attendees can come and learn more about what SharePoint is all about!


Zach Cochran
SharePoint Consultant


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