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Analytically Shiny and New: A Guided Tour of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Toys
Level: 200
Track: Office 365/Cloud
Having trouble keeping up with all of the changes in the BI space around SharePoint & Office 365? Feel like every time you think you understand what is going on Microsoft pivots (pun intended) yet again? You are not alone. Join Rackspace Microsoft MVP, Jason Himmelstein, for a journey through the Microsoft story around BI and how the latest changes are making it all more cohesive & something worth investing your time (and money) into. He will cover Power BI, what changes as a result of SQL Server 2016 for SharePoint, the Excel story, and help you understand the integration story with Office 365.


Bringing Information Architecture and UX into a SharePoint hybrid environment
Level: 100
Track: Power User
With the increased popularity of SharePoint hybrid solutions and the increased importance of solid user experience, a new paradigm around how we approach content organization and findability its taking a new step. In hybrid environments, users are asked to potentially perform daily tasks across both on-premise and cloud-based systems. In this session, we will explore the complexities and opportunities around these kinds of implementation and identify strategies to properly plan and implement for maximum user experience benefit.


Building The Next Generation Intranet – What you need to know
Level: 200
Track: SharePoint 101, Office 365, Social
More often than not current intranets are little more than document repositories and static, published content. Web technologies in the enterprise have evolved, and as a result, there is a desire to migrate existing intranets and internal subsystems to these platforms. Come learn how to create The next generation Intranet which focuses on the user (audience) first by combining enterprise services into an integrated platform. This session will discuss the directions Intranets are going, identify best practices, and help you avoid the pitfalls as you integrate BYOD, social, and the cloud to create an Intranet that can be functional, collaborative, and relevant to today’s users.


Suzanne George
Chief Architect - SharePoint / O365
Gen2016™ and the Global “Hybrid” Cloud
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101
THEME: Like it or not, our industry is driving the world to Gen2016™ {Windows 10 “Redstone”, Windows 2016, SQL Server 2016, SharePoint2016, etc.}. This generation shift is also filled with buzzwords, but seem to hover around or land on “HYBRID Cloud”. Hint: we at have been speaking, for many years, about “Hybrid Cloud” and its “Global” perspective/implications/offering, (e.g., the free-ish offerings in US/China/EU).

SESSION: The focus is on the Office365, SharePoint 2016 and other aspects of Gen2016™ in the “Global Hybrid Cloud” – as it appears at this point in time – April 2016. This is Level-100 session, and is for anyone who wants to get a jump-start on Gen2016™, irrespective of whether you are just getting started in the industry, and/or retooling/realigning/revamping your skill set.

PRE-REQUISITE: None. Just bring your interest and questions.

NOTE: Tex (20+ year technologist), Valentino (developing technologists) and assisted by Zane (budding technologist) are with Hybrid Decisions® Corp and are presenting on behalf of the “Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group” (
Getting Started with Office 365 development
Level: 100
Track: Development / SharePoint App, Office 365
With Microsoft latest push to “Cloud First Mobile First” strategy, it is important for the developers to learn the insights of the Office 365 development. The Office 365 dev story revolves around using the cutting edge and latest tools to develop business/productivity applications.
In this demo driven session we will cover how to start developing application for Office365. We will cover how to setup the development environment and what latest technologies we need to learn to get on board.
You will learn:
*Office 365 Development Overview
*Office 365 development environment options
*Technologies/Tools we need to learn to start developing for Office 365
Git’er Done: Using Office 365 Planner, Task Lists and Project Online in the Real World
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101, Power User
You’ve heard about Office 365 Planner, Task Lists and Project Online but do you know how they are used in the Real World?

For example, would you know how you would manage your KILO (Keep IT Lights On) tasks in these tools and why that might be a good idea?
If you needed to collaborate externally, would you know where to start?

In this session, we’ll go beyond the features and show you three key ways people are using these tools to manage work in the real world. We’ll look at managing a small project, tracking day to day support work and how the toolset can be used for external collaboration with vendors. Then I’ll show you that can pull the data into Power BI to really get a handle on what’s going one. You’ll walk away with a different view of how Microsoft can help you manage your work.
How and why turnkey intranet solutions are changing the SharePoint intranet market forever
Level: 100
Track: Information Worker, Office 365, Social
The average time to design, build and deploy an intranet that appeared on the list of 10 winners from the 2016 Nielsen Norman Design Annual was 1.3 years. dorma+kaba managed to launch their Office 365 intranet in just 60 days. What does this mean for your intranet strategy? And how will it impact the wider industry and your competitiveness to your peers?

Businesses are trusting and embracing the cloud more than ever, with 80% of the Fortune 500 in the Microsoft Cloud. With this new acceptance of moving critical business workloads online, enterprises are also looking at new business models that use this technology, rather than just repeating practices that worked on-premises. For example, if an existing intranet was custom developed in-house then why not design it the same way in Office 365? The rise of the 'as a service' business model is helping revolutionize the way firm's approach business functions by providing an alternative. The 'as a service' model enables the business to do more with less, faster than ever before - all without having to worry about on-going maintenance and support.
Introduction to SharePoint as a Development Platform
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101
Working with SharePoint as a development platform means that you can deliver custom tailored functionality for considerable less effort and time to delivery. This is a high level crash course into conventional custom code patterns used by SharePoint developers used from SharePoint 2007 to present day on SharePoint Online. We will also discuss when and why to use custom coded solutions, and when they should be avoided. No previous coding experience is required.


Ron Courville
Senior SharePoint Consultant
Entrance Software
Leveraging Change Management Enablement to Drive Success on Your SharePoint Intranet
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, Social
Change management is on all enterprises 'to do' list but generally gets pushed to a low priority. This session will cover why content is king: Migration, Authorship, Taxonomy
* Change Management is often overlooked
* Timely decision making process
* Design (UX and Visual) is a science and an art
* Alignment between Business and IT


Jeff Willinger
Global Managing Director, Digital Workplace and Collaboration
Leveraging Networking Science to Improve Team Collaboration
Level: 100
Social collaboration tools have become ubiquitous across the enterprise, but beyond "chat" what is the value that social drives for collaboration, and specifically, SharePoint and Office 365? In this session, we'll dig into the network science behind collaboration to help attendees better understand both the technology that drives social within the enterprise, and how these tools can measurably improve communication, sharing, and productivity.
Managing Change in Office 365: First Release for Your Organization
Level: 100
With the all the new features available and rapid iteration cycles in Office 365 and SharePoint 2016, IT has gone from managing hardware to managing user expectations while trying to keep up with the latest releases of technology. The wave of change doesn't stop so learning how to manage your organization's internal first release program becomes critical, as well as identifying stakeholders in the business to recognize the value of internal IT in an increasingly cloud first world.


Microsoft Graph Deep-Dive
Level: 300
Track: Administrator, Development / SharePoint App, Office 365
Since the launch of the Microsoft Graph, a ton of new possibilities are being made available for IT Pros and Developers. This session is a deep-dive into the Microsoft Graph by analyzing the current /v1.0 version of the API and what is coming on the future /beta endpoint. We will also learn how we can build multiple types of applications that integrate nicely with the Microsoft Graph.

The 3 key takeaways of this session are :

- You will be able to connect to the Microsoft Graph from multiple platforms (.NET, PowerShell, AngularJS, ...)
- You will understand the impact of the Graph in the new Microsoft and how you will benefit from this API
- You will have access to a ton of code letting you reproduce every demos from the session


Sebastien Levert
Product Evangelist & Partner Manager | Office Development MVP
Valo Intranet
Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint Migration Case Study
Level: 100
Track: Administrator
Our SharePoint environment is a lot like many others – a SharePoint 2007 implementation that was used more as a file dump than a collaboration space. With minimal user adoption, we were never quite ready to implement 2010, with a pilot SharePoint 2010 implementation stalled out of the gate.

In the meantime, some content was put on Box and other services to address external collaboration needs. Business users needed more relevant search results, content databases had grown uncomfortably large, and access controls had become spaghetti. Fortunately, site sprawl wasn’t too bad… except that the reason for that was the low adoption.

SharePoint 2013 arrived to a perfect storm – business and technology needs to be addressed, content that needs to be brought back in-house, and user adoption that needs to be improved. Time to upgrade!

See how we approached the upgrade, the issues than needed to be addressed, and the questions that needed to be answered.


Jim Adcock
The SharePoint Therapist
Office Delve for Office 365 Administrators
Level: 200
Track: SharePoint 101, Information Worker, Power User, Administrator, Office 365, Social
Explore Office Delve for Office 365 from an administrator's point of view and find out how it can become a catalyst for collaboration and efficiency in the cloud. Learn how Delve will help the members of your organization by pushing out relevant information, connecting them to co-workers, helping them share expertise, and helping everyone to work more efficiently as individuals and teams. This course covers how to get Delve in your Office 365 environment and how to make sure you are getting the latest updates first. We'll cover how to control access to Office Graph and how Office Graph gathers and sorts information from SharePoint and other sources, how to introduce Delve to your organization, troubleshooting Delve, how to leverage Delve from SharePoint People Search, and how to add custom properties to the Delve home page.


Steve Stewart
SharePoint Solution Architect
Accudata Systems, Inc.
OfficeGraph: Delve into the Next Big Thing for Productivity And Beyond
Level: 200
Track: Office 365
Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) described Delve as the browser for your enterprise social graph. Let’s dive into understanding Delve and how the underlying OfficeGraph will power new experiences across Office365. You’ll get a demo of the latest features and understand what signals power the OfficeGraph experience now and the roadmap going forward. Machine learning expert, Naomi Moneypenny, will talk about the implications of what these new discovery experiences mean for users and discuss the wider possibilities of how anticipatory computing will enable different business scenarios.


Planning Your SharePoint Online Migration Strategy
Level: 200
Track: SharePoint 101, Information Worker, Power User, Administrator, Office 365
With the advantages of Office365/SharePoint Online, many organizations are evaluating their SharePoint on-prem environments for cloud migration readiness. If you are not sure where to start on the road-map to migration from SharePoint on-prem to SharePoint Online, this session is for you. In this session, we will cover the key points when developing a strategy for migrating to SharePoint Online. Whether you are currently using SharePoint On-Prem for Enterprise Content Management, Team Sites & Collaboration, Process Automation, or all of the above, this session will provide tips for developing a migration road-map to make your migration successful.


Partner, Master SharePoint Solutionist
Rogue Services and Solutions
Reduce Your Headaches and Risk While Your Users’ Work from Anywhere on Any Device
Level: 200
Track: Power User, Office 365
The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) (comprised of Microsoft Azure AD Premium for Identity Management, Microsoft Intune for Mobile Device Management, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management for Information Protection) is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution for your consumerization of IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenges. Examine each of the components that simplify complete management of any device your user utilizes while providing access to the data your users need. We will examine the entire solution in a fully functional environment with Apple iOS, Google Android, and, of course, Windows.


Miguel Wood
Director, Central Region and Chief Enterprise Solutions Architect
Planet Technologies
Set up your release pipeline for your Office/Office 365/SharePoint developments with Azure
Level: 200
As developers we’ve all been dreaming of a fully automated QA process for our developments. Image that!!! Stressful days and good sleeping nights! Historically it always has been difficult with SharePoint developments because complicated, costly etc…
Will discover together a set of tools and solutions with Visual Studio Team Services proving you it is possible with nod headaches! After this session you won’t have anymore excuses not to automate the QA process.
-    Branches management
-    Automated build for SharePoint Apps/Solutions with build 2015
-    Automated deployment with release management
-    Automated tests
-    Automated technical debt calculation
Lots of demos!


SharePoint 101: Best Practices for Beginners
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101, Information Worker
You might be using SharePoint, but are you following best practices? In this introduction to SharePoint session, attendees will learn about the building blocks of SharePoint, such as: What is a list? What is a library? What is a web part? Should I view/edit documents in the browser or in the client? What is versioning? How do I check out and check in a document? Additionally, attendees will learn how to create, modify, and switch views, as well as set up and manage alerts. This session will include demos in Office 365, but the concepts apply to the latest versions of SharePoint, including SharePoint 2016.


SharePoint 2016 & Azure - Finally a Match Made in Heaven
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101, Information Worker, Power User, Administrator
In this session, we will take a practical look at what is new in the combined world of SharePoint and Azure. With Microsoft’s greater than ever focus on the Cloud, the latest version of on-premises SharePoint brings a lot to the table and when coupled to Azure the sparks really start to fly.
With on-premises, Cloud and hybrid options now all on the table, the SharePoint and Azure story goes from strength to strength. Walking through the tighter integration than ever before, hybrid options with practical purpose and Enterprise grade solutions fit for any size of business makes this fast-paced session one not to miss.
SharePoint Doesn't Suck, Your Search Sucks - Improving the SharePoint 2013 Search Experience
Level: 100
Has your organization rolled out SharePoint only to have tons of documents that you can no longer find when you search for it? Are you tired of hearing your users say they want their search to be like Google, even though Google has an army of people to manage their search and you don't? Are you a Site Owner and want to learn to improve how content is discovered and displayed on your site?

This session will show you how you can monitor and improve your 2013 Search (On Premises or Office 365) to help users find what they are looking for. We will cover:
     - Why you need to fine-tune your search for better content management
     - How to improve search results
     - How to improve how users interact with search results
     - How to help content owners improve their content's searchability
     - How to conduct more successful searches


SharePoint Migration: On Time on On Budget Requires a Balance of Technical and Change Management Focus
Level: 200
Track: SharePoint 101, Power User
On Time and On Budget SharePoint migration requires a balance of technical and change management focus. Learn how to artfully blend the technical and user-side of your SharePoint migration to deliver a successful migration experience for your environment.


Yvonne Esch
Principal Consultant
Parthenon Management & Consulting
Taxonomy and SharePoint: The Why and How
Level: 300
Track: Power User
What is this "taxonomy" things that everyone is talking about? Why should I spend the time to implement a formal taxonomy in my SharePoint environment? This session will walk you through what Taxonomy is, why it is important and how to implement it in SharePoint. Josh will bring his real life experience from consulting to guide you through how to move form unstructured data (in any system) to a formalized Taxonomy plan.


Senior Consultant
The Day After: A Post-Deployment SharePoint Survival Guide
Level: 200
Track: Administrator
It takes a great deal of effort to plan, design, install, configure, test and deploy SharePoint in the enterprise. But that's only the beginning - now the real work begins. In this session you will learn how to apply proven techniques for enterprise application lifecycle management, create a center of excellence for ongoing service improvement, apply industry standards for operational support, and create a world-class delivery structure for outstanding service levels.
The Most Complex Deployment You'll Hear About Today
Level: 200
Our team recently solved a very interesting problem. How do you handle a situation where multiple locations must have the same look and feel and access to the same documents? What about when there are 42 of these locations located around the world, most in the middle of the ocean with spotty Internet connections that, when they're working, remind you of what it was like to connect to AOL circa 1995? Did I mention that any location can be audited by the government at any time, and stiff fines may be imposed if they can't produce the right documents in that moment? This session will be a case study of this challenge and how our team went about working with our client to overcome it. While this was an unusual situation, but the individual problems are more broadly applicable, as are the techniques used to solve them.


The SharePoint Crisis Explained
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101, Power User
SharePoint on premise is feeling less love than Office 365 due to Microsoft's mobile first strategy. More than ever there is confusion about the future of InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, Out of, the Box, and hybrid. In this session we will look at these from a different point of view to discover why the SharePoint world is in such a tizzy. There really are good, quite simple reasons for why things are changing for SharePoint. Can you make the change to send your career to the next level?


Training and Campaigning
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101, Information Worker, Administrator, Office 365, Social
We all know that training and adoption is crucial for getting maximum ROI on any SharePoint/Office 365 deployment. But, the only way to reach constituents is to campaign just like the politicians this year are doing to create buy in across an organization. How to do it is the trick. Walk away with a strategy for your own training and adoption campaign sized to fit your organization.


Cynthia Mehaffey
Business Analyst
Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint 2016 like a Pro
Level: 300
Track: Administrator, Development / SharePoint App
SharePoint 2016 is finally out and it brings tons of new features that continue to make SharePoint an amazing collaboration tool for companies. Many companies are still on SharePoint 2010, maybe even earlier versions. In this session, I discuss and show you the approach for upgrading and migrating to SharePoint 2016. Its time to get with the times and upgrade your farm. I will shares best practices and lots of tips as we upgrade our sample farm. I will include some troubleshooting and custom solutions based on real world scenarios to make sure this isn’t another “simple” upgrade. Best of all, we will have fun doing this.
Attendee Takeaways:
1. Learn how to upgrade to SharePoint 2016 from various SharePoint versions.
2. Learn best practices for upgrading smoothly and properly.
3. Learn some tips and tricks to making the upgrade faster, less error prone and efficient to reduce downtime.
4. Learn how to troubleshooting and deal with upgrade issues.
Using SharePoint to Drive Strategic Learning
Level: 100
Track: Information Worker, Power User, Administrator
Learning as a whole, including knowledge transfer, skill creation, competency management, compliance reporting and many other items, are crucial to the success of every business. A Learning Management System (LMS) that fulfills all requirements not only internally, but for contractors, partners and customer alike, is a key part of your success, satisfaction and competiveness in the market.

As users of Microsoft SharePoint you have already laid the foundation for a modern, flexible, easy-to-use LMS. SharePoint in combination with SPLMS is transformed into a delivery platform that allows companies to realize a full-fledged, full feature LMS.

For an on-premise install, this not only provides a delivery mechanism for any learning content you envision and the gathering and tracking of results, but also includes a course catalog with feature rich registration management and a competency and certification engine to handle more complex HR needs.

This presentation will show how SharePoint users can make the most of their existing environment and build a Learning Management System for enterprise education.

This presentation will also show how Office 365 users can similarly leverage their environment in Office 365 for learning management by providing an overview of LMS365 and its functionality.


What to expect from SharePoint 2016
Level: 100
Track: SharePoint 101, Power User, Administrator
I will explain the following
- SharePoint 2016 Installation
- Migration from SP 2013
- What is new in SP 2016
- Search
- Office Web Apps
- Infopath
- SP Designer, etc.


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