SharePoint Saturday Friday Honolulu is a FREE educational & lively day filled with informative sessions delivered by respected SharePoint professionals and MVPs from across North America. SharePoint Saturday Friday is open to the public and provides an opportunity for local SharePoint professionals to immerse themselves in a wide variety of SharePoint and Microsoft365 topics.


The conference is to be held at Honolulu Community College (HCC), Norman Loui Conference Center. HCC is less than 10 minutes away from the downtown Honolulu business center and the major Army (Fort Shafter), Navy (Pearl Harbor), Air Force (Hickam AFB), Coast Guard, and Pacific Command (Camp Smith) military bases in the Pacific.


The conference will be held on Friday, June 15, 2018.


The conference is free and open to the public.

Tracks and Sessions

The conference will feature four tracks: End-User, Business Leader, IT Professional, and Developer


100/200 Aimed at business people and power users, these sessions will discuss how SharePoint can address today’s challenges, capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities and deliver high-value business solutions for the organization.

IT Professional

200/300 Designed for SharePoint Administrators and Architects, this track will include Installation, Configuration, Management and Monitoring of SharePoint through Central Administration. Best practice approaches to planning, deployment, configuration and maintenance issues seen in the field will be addressed.


200/300/400 Designed for software developers to gain a high-level understanding or to get a deep dive into SharePoint. These sessions target the SharePoint object model, explore sandbox solutions and will teach you how to SharePoint as a development platform to deliver the build the most advanced, robust and scalable SharePoint solutions.

Business/Third Party Showcase

200/300 Designed for business users and IT Professionals to gain a high-level understanding or even to get a deep dive into specific third party tools that extend the capabilities of SharePoint. These sessions offer an opportunity for sponsors to highlight the tools they offer or showcase a successful solution built on their software.


The conference is expected to attract approximately 200 SharePoint professionals who will be able to visit sponsor booths, attend workshops, and partake in educational seminars. The conference will be attended by SharePoint community members representing local business, government (Federal, State, and Local) and non-profit organizations.

This conference is targeted at BOTH Technical and Business professionals. It is a chance for the local SharePoint community to connect at the conference and enjoy on-going benefits, resources and idea sharing during and after the event.


Reasons for people to attend:

• Improve SharePoint and Microsoft 365 knowledge

• Learn about announcements and news on Microsoft 365

• Increase skills in specific areas of expertise

• Network with peers and foster on-going relationships

• Join the HNL SharePoint Community

• Speak to experts at the event

For more information contact the SPSHNL team at spshnl@live.com


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