​​​​Jussi Roine (Microsoft RD & MVP, MCT, MCM)


I'm Jussi and I'm based in Helsinki, Finland. Having recently turned 40 I think I've tackled the inevitable midlife crisis well, at least for now.

I've worked in all things IT for 28 years, having founded my first company in 1991 at the ripe business age of 14. For the past 10 years I've worked as CTO for my own company that we recently merged with our competitor. Today, the company is about 100 people strong for which I'm a little bit proud of, in a quintessential Finnish way. As part of my duties I'm actively presenting at international events and I've gotten really, really good in doing my presentation slides at the last second. Things that resonate strongly with me include cloud architectures, complex technical and business challenges and being outside my comfort zone. My only motivational and cheesy motto is "everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear" and I live by it.

I try and sometimes succeed in carving out some downtime for myself, that I then fill with rock climbing and scavenging activities for memorable red wines.

You can reach me via email at jussi@roine.fi and Twitter at @JussiRoine ​

Jussi Mori (MVP)


Jussi is a product evangelist at Cloudriven and Principal Consultant at Experts Inside in Switzerland. One of Jussi's main topics is User Adoption. He believes that only with a meaningful human-centric approach the potential of any software can be truly unlocked. One of Jussi's missions is to change the attitude towards User Adoption with Customers and Partners, to raise the success rates of SharePoint and Office 365 projects.

You can reach him via Twitter at @JussiMori

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