Session - Microsoft Flow advanced: tips, pitfalls, problems and warnings to be known before starting a real project

Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business
You have started using Microsoft flow, you have attended a Flow introduction presentation but you feel that before doing real projects you need to know more. Much more.
After working with Microsoft Flow almost every day since the begining of the product, we faced some situations and traps that require more advanced skills.
This is what this session is all about.
We will show you different real problems and the way we solved it
You will learn about the workflow definition language , creating custom connectors, webhooks, how to extend Flows, how to use it from existing applications,
the very latest features, and if the well known "Workflow best practices" can be applied to Microsoft Flow today or in the future.
This will be a demo-heavy session.


serge Luca
ShareQL Managing partner & SharePoint MVP

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