Session - Back to architecture: Creating scalable cloud solutions with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure

Level: 300
Track: Developer
The SharePoint development has been in a huge turmoil in the past few years. In only 2-3 years we have witnessed the decline of SharePoint Farm Solutions, birth of the SharePoint AddIns (ex Apps), and client side code solutions in general. The most recently, we have witnessed the birth of SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and new things like webhooks which further more open the possibilities and steer the water in the same time. The SharePoint development has moved from .NET-centric to JavaScript centric discipline faster than one could pronounce "Don't use Feature Framework anymore".
This session is bringing some order in this fast-moving chaos. Just because we are using JavaScript and SPFx, it doesn't mean we should forget solution architecture altogether: the good practices, things we have learned from past, still apply. We will see how to apply practical multi-tier architecture and domain driven design with SharePoint on the back, things like Azure API Apps, Azure Web Jobs and Microsoft Service Bus in the middle, and yes, SPFx - or any other client technology for that matter - on the front. Let's be nice developers, and develop sustainable, manageable and developer-after-me-friendly code.

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