Session - How does Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Hub Sites impact your Intranet planning and architecture?

Level: 200
When Microsoft Teams was launched in 2016, many of the ‘die hard hierarchical subsite builders’ had cause for concern. How would we stop site collection sprawl and what were the options to restore calm in the midst of the chaos. As Teams create site collections, duplicate ‘sites’ became an obstacle. The launch of SharePoint Hub Sites at the 2017 Ignite conference changed everything.
In my session we’ll take a look at:
    1. Reverse engineering your site provisioning through Microsoft Teams
    2. Using SharePoint Hub Sites as a catalyst to join your organizational structures and bring common pockets of interest together
    3. Features provided by SharePoint Hub Sites:  Search Scope, global navigation, theme & information roll-up
    4. Features provided by Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration and communication in your company
Knowledge is power and equipped with the above facts you will make better informed decisions around your Intranet.

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