Session - Cloud Backup and How to Control Your Data

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Business
For IT administrators, current threats like ransomware raise many concerns. For example, if an attack infects a colleague’s OneDrive data, is that infection now replicated in the cloud? The good news is that with Microsoft Office 365, we have the capability to eliminate those threats. However, we also have to ask ourselves new questions about our cloud data:
1. Do I have a backup strategy in Office 365, and if so, how does it differ from my on-premises strategy?
2. How do I restore a single item, Exchange mailbox, or Office 365 Group from a one year-old backup?
3. How do I recover important files from a user's OneDrive for Business, who left the company?
If you don’t have immediate answers to these questions, this session is for you! Robert Mulsow, Director of TSPs EMEA at AvePoint, will provide real-life examples to show how customers have gained back control over their data in the cloud.

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