Session - Trick or treat Mr. SharePoint - why Your SharePoint security is crucial?

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
    You have just finished deploying your new shiny SharePoint servers and you hope that everyone will be happy with their collaborative possibilities. The idea of keeping everybody pleased and keep everything “up and running” makes you smile, but are you really sure that all the problems are gone? Maybe there could be a more common scenario when you migrate the old solution to a never SharePoint server. Let’s think about it one more time. If the infrastructure is attacked by the hackers, can they attack “me and my SharePoint”? Am I safe enough? These days, hackers are quite clever and If you think that you are not the target, you are wrong. Even innocent users are in danger no matter what administrators do to be secure. Would you like to know how to strengthen the infrastructure which is the base for SharePoint and learn how to avoid SharePoint security gaps? Join us.


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