Session - Rocking the collaboration experience in Office365: The good, bad and ugly for your Digital Workplace

Level: 200
Track: End-User, Business
Office 365 is becoming more and more indispensable for all kind of companies. Moving to Office 365 comes with multiple key benefits and key features like Groups, Microsoft Teams, Flow and/or PowerApps. Everybody’s focal points are on the benefits: Generate greater productivity with Office 365, Access from anywhere with Office 365, Robust security… But the drawbacks are being omitted. In this session you'll see advantages of all new stack like Flow, PowerApps, Teams but also the drawbacks and/or lack of "modern experiences" in Office365. This session focalizes on all interested parties who might be interested in the whole Office365 suit.

Microsoft Office 365 provides a broad array of collaboration capabilities enabling you to cloud-accelerate your on-premises deployments. Learn more about the capabilities in Office 365 and how to best implement them in to your organization.

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