Session - Office 365 under siege: your attack vs. defense themed checklist for better security

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business
This is not a game: your Office 365 tenant is being targeted by malicious attackers every day. Learn about hardening your security posture from these two industry experts—an ethical hacker, and a security solutions architect—through practical attack & defense scenarios from the field.
You'll learn about sophisticated spear-phishing attacks, modern methods used by attackers to gather intel, brute-force passwords, and potential ways threat actors gain footholds in cloud IT environments.
We'll cover the defensive measures and security capabilities available to your organization to prevent, monitor, and thwart these attacks.
Through a number of best (and worst) practices from customers, you'll walk away with a solid understanding of how to configure and best utilize the latest & greatest in Office 365 security and thereby stay ahead of the security game.


Ben Menesi
Head of Products
Ytria Inc.
Albert Hoitingh
Solution architect SharePoint/Office365

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