Session - Business Process Management & SharePoint – looking beyond workflows.

Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Business Processes are the very core of any organization’s operations, and often are the key element that separate an industry leader from a mediocre competitor. Today, many companies have turned their focus on tools like Lean, Six-Sigma, Kanban, TPS, and so on – all with the express goal of process excellence.

And yet, many companies overlook the importance of process management. Instead, they use simple process documentation solutions (like SharePoint) and quick workflow solutions to automate tasks (where workflows have no direct link to the documented process).

Business Process Management is the discipline that combines the importance of process documentation, governance, and change-management, and focuses on process automation over workflows. While traditional BPM was a heavy, complex implementation, Lean-BPM is the new buzzword that focuses on no-code, rapid-deployment process automation solutions that easily integrate with existing systems, including ERP, CRM, and of course, SharePoint. When businesses can leverage SharePoint as part of their BPM strategy, it becomes very easy to achieve real process excellence.


Shyamal Addanki
VP North America

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