Session - Project Management in SharePoint

Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
Many companies have a need for some project management but usually don’t need most of the features in Project Server or they find it to be overkill for the projects they manage. In this session we will cover how to configure SharePoint to manage all the artifacts in your projects.
•    Site and content type structure that needs to be in place to support the solution (taxonomy and information architecture).
•    How a project manager maintains a project.
•    Document management for a project.
•    Task, issue and risk management that occur during the project life cycle.
•    Using SharePoint search to rollup information to a central dashboard with refiners.
•    Display templates to easily sort search results.
•    Using Power BI to make REST calls to the SharePoint search API and displaying results for analysis

Steve Pucelik is a Sr. Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft. Iv'e dedicated most of my career to content management, collaboration and business automation.


Steve Pucelik
Sr Premier Field Engineer - SharePoint

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