Session - United Airlines Journey to SharePoint 2016 from SharePoint 2010

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
United Airlines is well underway with its SharePoint 2016 migration. Join me as I discuss the challenges of upgrading one of the largest airlines in the world to SharePoint 2016 from SharePoint 2010. I will discuss the planning involved as well as the methods for which my team has been able to execute our delivery. I will provide specific examples of the roadblocks we faced and how we overcome them. I will also demonstrate how United is using SharePoint 2010 today and also talk about the opportunities that SharePoint 2016 brings to the airline industry.

I will outline some of our challenges as well as our long-term strategies, including how Office 365 fits into the mix. Lastly, I will provide insight into how United plans to leverage the new functionality of SharePoint 2016 to better serve our front-line customers (and internal business customers).


Rick Garcia
Project Manager

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