Session - Writing Futuristic Workflows in Office 365/ SharePoint 2013/2016 On Premise

Level: 200
Track: Developer, End-User
During ‘Future of SharePoint” event, Microsoft announced a new product/service Microsoft Flow for automating workflow across the number of apps and SaaS services including SharePoint. I think there may be a hidden message that there will not be significant enhancements to the workflow manager that got introduced with SharePoint 2013. This means to use the latest and greatest workflow offerings from Microsoft we may need to look beyond the SharePoint workflows.

In this future forward demo-driven talk, we will cover how we can write futuristic workflows (SharePoint 2013 Style workflows) that use Workflow Manager in your current SharePoint deployments, so that when the time is right and you are ready to make a switch to another product/service, you can reuse lot of your earlier investment and have smoother transition. Even though the title of the session includes SharePoint online, the contents of this session are applicable for SharePoint On Prem as well.

You will learn:
Architecture of Office365/SharePoint Online Workflows
How to create futuristic custom Office365/SharePoint Online Workflows?
Best practices of building Office365/SharePoint Online Workflows

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