Session - Building SharePoint Single Page Applications using AngularJS

Level: 200
Track: Developer
SharePoint is an excellent platform for hosting line-of-business applications. When little or no-code applications do not meet the business requirements, SharePoint developers can create advanced applications that are deployed to the SharePoint server. However, many companies are moving to the cloud (e.g. Office 365) or have a governance policy in place where only top-of-the-pyramid enterprise level applications can be deployed to the SharePoint server. What about those business applications targeted for the cloud or for the lower part of the governance pyramid (i.e. team sites)?

Attendees of this session will learn how AngularJS can be used to integrate rich, powerful single page applications (SPA’s) into SharePoint. The session will discuss single page applications (SPA’s), SharePoint development challenges, and the benefits of AngularJS development including lower cost of entry for developers, increased productivity compared to traditional SharePoint development, and the ability to quickly deploy AngularJS applications through the browser. The session will then walk through AngularJS basics (two-way data binding, filters, controllers, providers, directives, and modules), retrieving data from SharePoint lists and document libraries using the SharePoint 2013 REST API, tools and debugging techniques, and deploying the AngularJS applications to SharePoint.


Steve Pietrek
Practice Manager/SharePoint Application Architect
Cardinal Solutions

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