Session - A combination of SharePoint and CRM to ensure atomic transactions (Travel Agency example)

Level: 300
Track: Developer, Business
Session abstract:
We would like to showcase how it’s possible to use SharePoint and CRM on the Office365 platform in order to be able to make atomic transactions where either we comply with the business logic and persist to the data layer or we rollback to the previous and unmodified state.

By using SharePoint as the Front-end, many users are already familiar with the interface, and relying on CRM as the Back-end, the platform allows to upload .NET assemblies in order to expand the kernel and it’s build on a relational database that allows us to perform atomic transactions (ACID). The interaction between the two system will be through the newly Web API (OData 4.0) implemented in CRM as it allows CORS access from other systems. We will use TypeScript to ensure correct and robust code as it will minimize the amount deployed to the Cloud (network latency) as well as the amount of runtime errors.

In order to visualize this scenario, we will show an example where a travel agency employee would like to help a customer by booking a flight, a hotel and renting a car to a specific destination. Only if the flight, hotel and car can be booked on the specified dates, the customer will purchase the travel, otherwise he/she will cancel the trip.

Our expectations are to show that it is possible to develop in the Cloud what you were able to do On-Premise. It might require that SharePoint development involve CRM since as it has the possibility to upload assembly files.

The goal for this talk is to showcase that you can still code in the same way once you move to the Cloud. Code will be shown, because it is a technical talk, but the focus should be on the implemented business logic and less on the used tools.


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