​Based on questionaries and discussion from our user group. These are some of the topics that seems to have the more interest among our audience:
2010 to 2013 Migration for SharePoint
Migration of SharePoint on premise to O365, including customization considerations
SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Integrations
Feature differences between on SP premise and SP Online
Best Practices SP in Legal Industry
As DMS/KM Store/Inside/outside Counsel & vendor Collaboration
Workflow Manager (SP 2013) what’s new (an example)
JS Link (CSOM)
Server Side rendering
Search (2013)
-        Content by search web part
-        Display Templates
-        Hybrid
-        LOB/Third Party doc systems

SP2013 Tips and tricks
Office 365 BI
Single Sign-on
InfoPath forms replacement MS/Third Party
SPS/O365 MV* -> agnostic SPA’s  Client side 
-        Agnostic SharePoint On line & O365 SPA's

O365 login screens
-        The usability challenge presented by Office 365 Log/In Pages​


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