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Top 10 tips to successfully migrate to SharePoint Server 2019​
Speaker: Gokan Ozcifci (MVP)

#Sketchnotes and #FunctionalDrawing (not only) for Consultants and IT Pros
Speaker: Luise Freese (MVP)

Modern SharePoint als Intranet
Speaker: Michael Skusa und Daniel Dudek (Feuerwehr Dormagen)

Create an immersive experience with Office 365 data and Mixed Reality using HoloLens
Speaker: Alexander Meijers  (MVP)

Bots and Language understanding: 1.5 years after General Availability
Speaker: Rick Van Rousselt (MVP)

Cloud management – ready or not, here it comes!
Speaker: Octavian Clinci  ( Sr solution architect, Adidas)

Making the pieces fit – the Office 365 security & compliance puzzle
Speaker: Albert Hoitingh (MVP)

Everything about SharePoint and OneDrive External Sharing
Speaker: Sara Barbossa (MVP)

Create Productive Apps with Office 365
Speaker: Dipti Chhatrapati (RD)

SharePoint Branding for Grownups, Branding für Erwachsene (RELOADED)
Speaker: Siegfried Weber (dmTech)

Zusammenarbeit mit Office 365 im Drogeriemarkt – nie war es einfacher als heute
Bernd Diel (dmTECH GmbH, project manager, Microsoft Inhouse Consultant)
Hagen Deike (dmTech GmbH, Office 365 architect, Microsoft Inhouse Consultant)

Modernize your classic SharePoint site
Speaker: Rodrigo Pinto (MVP)

User Adoption: How to engage your Organization early to make an Impact
Speaker: Antje Lamartine

Intranets on SharePoint and Office365 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
​Speaker: Thomas Gölles

Videos – eine neue Dokumentart im Unternehmen
Speaker: Tomiaslav Karafilov

Spice up your modern SharePoint-list with custom list forms with PowerApp
Speaker: Rebekka Aalbers

Building your personal Office 365 Bot assistant
Speaker: Giuliano De Luca [MVP]

Swiss Army Knife: SharePoint, Groups, Teams and/or OneDrive?
Speaker: Martin Przybysz

Migrate to SharePoint Online using native Tools
Speaker: Dennis Hobmaier (MSCE SharePoint)


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