​What is SharePoint Saturday Coimbatore? 

     SharePoint Saturday is a one day conference aiming to engage members of the SharePoint Community within a said locality. For the first time, the event, which started at Virginia in 2009, will be hosted in Coimbatore. SharePoint Coimbatore gives anyone, from in and around the city, a FREE chance to get acquainted with the SharePoint platform. In the event, SharePoint experts, IT professionals, SharePoint developers and architects donate their time to share strategies, lessons learned from past experiences and real-time projects.

When will SharePoint Saturday Coimbatore be held? 

     The event will be held on January 5, 2019. (Saturday) 9 AM-5 PM IST 

Who Should Attend? 

     Technical folks interested in developing, Management folks interested in Business Apps, End Users wishing to learn more about SharePoint, anyone with a bent to learn SharePoint and to see how it is shaping the IT interventions in the world of business are more than welcome. 

How much does it cost to attend? 

     SharePoint Saturday Coimbatore is a FREE event open to the public. 

Please contact spscoimbatore@hubfly.com wit​h any questions.


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