Session - Developing your Intranet Content Strategy like a Coder

Level: 200
Track: End-User, Business
Yes’ you read that right and ‘No’ this workshop isn’t going to teach you how to code. When it comes to putting together a solid intranet content strategy, we can learn a lot from how object-oriented programmers manage their code. In this workshop, join Virgil Carroll as he walks you through building your intranet content strategy from the ground up. We will explore how to model like a coder to create more manageable content, share content across multiple locations, and treat content as ‘one source of the truth’. In this workshop, you will learn how to best leverage SharePoint’s strengths around storage and content distribution and how to turn your intranet into a scalable, manageable endeavor. You will be challenged to create the basics of your own content strategy through a series of interactive activities. These activities will both teach you and help you prepare next steps you can bring back to your organization.
If you are struggling with how to deliver high quality content without increasing your workload, THIS is the workshop for you.


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