Session - A Practical Approach to Great User Adoption - User Definition and User Interface Design Workshops

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
Step 1 – Hands on Workshop with attendees to Define Users and Groups
•    Core UI and UX questions
•    Basic User Needs
•    Emotional Language
•    Tribal Behaviors
•    Conditioned Responses
•    Red Flags during Q and A to look for when gathering User Definition Data
•    A quick demo of Analytic and Metric Gathering Tools.
•    HotJar
•    PTEngine

Step 2 – Create Mock User Personas based on a PPT template, passed out digitally or projected with attendees
•    In this step we will be talking about User Personas and the difference between Macro and Micro scales.
Step 3 – Low Fidelity Wireframe Sketches
•    Building Upon what was learned in the previous steps in understanding our user base and their needs and motivations
•    Key take away is stakeholder engagement through visual problem solving.
•    Conversation and explanation about popular User Interface Patterns
•    Slides showing Wireframe Sketches, with possible crowd involvement in which presenter and crowd communally create a home page together.
•    Digital white board and Paper breakout sessions.
•    Level: Intermediate
•    Audience: Developer Essentials, Architecture Essentials


Damon Sanchez
Senior User Experience Engineer

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